General (3)

Who can use AirHop?

Anyone with a valid Northwestern WildCARD can use AirHop. In addition, family members of WildCARD cardholders, as well as Northwestern staff and faculty, may travel on AirHop if a cardholder accompanies them.

When and how will I receive my ticket after purchase?

AirHop is a ticketless service. You will need a WildCARD to board AirHop shuttles, but you do not need a receipt or a physical ticket. We will have your purchase on record. However, if you purchase a ticket the day of your ride, please bring a printout of your emailed receipt.

How much luggage may I bring?

Whatever luggage you are bringing on the plane should be appropriate for AirHop. If you have a special circumstance and have more luggage than normal, please contact AirHop via the “Contact Us” tab found above to ensure that we can accommodate you.

Going To The Airport (5)

Where do I get picked up on campus?

AirHop shuttles pick up at two locations: Cahn Auditorium and Patten Gymnasium parking lot. The shuttles depart from Cahn at the scheduled time and continue Patten immediately afterwards.

Where do I get dropped off at O’Hare International Airport?

AirHop shuttles will stop at each terminal, except for the international terminal. If you need access to the international terminal, we suggest you take the airport tram from Terminal 1.

Where do I get dropped off at Midway International Airport?

The shuttle will drop off outside the Midway terminal.

What do the times listed mean?

The times listed refer to the bus departure times either from Cahn Auditorium or from the airport. We stress that just like an airplane’s departure time, these are hard deadlines because we are responsible for getting all of our passengers to the airport on time, so we suggest arriving to the pickup location 5-10 minutes early. Each shuttle leaving the Northwestern campus first picks up at Cahn Auditorium and continues to Patten Gymnasium.

How long does it take to get to the airport?

Travel times to O’Hare are usually about 55 minutes, but can reach 70-85 minutes in heavy traffic. Midway is generally about a 55-65 minute drive, but can take 80-95 minutes in heavy traffic.

Returning To Campus (3)

Where do I get picked up at O’Hare International Airport?

AirHop will depart O’Hare from the “Remote Parking” tram stop, also know as Parking Lot E or the Kiss-N-Fly. This is the last stop on the O’Hare tram line. From the terminals/baggage claim, follow the signs for the tram up and over the ground transportation drop off lanes and take the tram past the terminals to the Remote Parking station. After you exit the tram, take the north escalators down to the ground level. You will be at the same location of the PACE Bus and Airport Bus pick-ups. There will be an AirHop representative on the ground level at one end of the station ten minutes prior to the shuttle time to assist you.

Where do I get picked up at Midway International Airport?

At Midway, AirHop will pick up at the ground transportation area outside the baggage claim. When looking at the exit doors from the inside, walk to the set of doors farthest to your right near the lost luggage claim area. An AirHop attendant will be waiting there ten minutes before the bus departs to direct you to the correct bus.

Where do I get dropped off on campus?

We will drop you off at the two campus pickup locations: Cahn Auditorium and Patten Gymnasium.

Tickets (3)

How much are tickets?

Tickets are $14.99 to/from O’hare and $29.99 to/from Midway.

What if my flight gets delayed?

We understand you are not responsible for this, so we will honor your ticket on a later AirHop shuttle, if there are available seats. This is done as a convenience to you at no extra charge, but we do it on a first-come first-served basis.

Can I get a refund?

As a policy, AirHop issues refunds only in exceptional circumstances, and they are considered on an individual basis. Otherwise, AirHop must be notified at least 48 hours in advance of the corresponding shuttle time.